Anonymous asked: Do you only take selfies on special occasions? Or do you take them when you're bored too? And do you only dress up like that for parties? Or do you dress nice usually?

I take selfies when I think I look good. And I dress nice for parties and such but keep it pretty casual for everyday. I like to be comfy

Anonymous asked: Where is that crop top from? I love all of yours!

Pac sun

Anonymous asked: it's like a mini tornado hit your room lol

Just moved all my stuff in at school I was mid pack

Anonymous asked: Have you ever tried doing a winged eyeliner look? Just that an like mascara

I have but the liquid eyeliner I bought irritates my eyes and I’ve yet to get a new one

Anonymous asked: Those are the best quality selfies I've ever seen.

Lmao galaxy s4 πŸ‘Œ front cam

Anonymous asked: Do you ever wear your nude wedges?

Yeah but they’re a little beat up

Anonymous asked: Your eyes are insane! Eyelashes for days <3 and your green eyes!

😊 means a lot I love lashes

Anonymous asked: omfg you're perfect. where's that skirt from?

Thanks I truthfully don’t remember where it’s from maybe pac sun or Joyce leslie

Anonymous asked: When are you getting it done? and do you know how much that would usually cost at a salon?

I honestly have no idea but I’d guess 70


when you get put in a group with people who dont do anything


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